Dead in the Water (2005) – Publicity

Japanese Cover

The film runs a smooth 78 minutes, and never drags… All of the roles are very well-cast, and the actors seem energized and believable, inhabiting their roles quite convincingly.”
Meghan D’Anton, Fangoria Magazine

“I’m not going to lie, I was impressed by Dead in the Water… it does what it sets out to do well, it entertains. The acting is actually quite good, it’s refreshing to have compelling characters with meaningful relationships who are well written and well performed by a game cast who seem to enjoy what they’re doing. Another bonus worth mentioning is that the effects are also quite good. It’s red, nasty, and convincing…”
Andre Manseau,

“It actually manages to be scary in more than a few points… The ending is actually going to manage to boost the originality level overall by at least several points, and is downright amazing, in all honesty.”
Steve Anderson, Film Threat

“…very convincing, and Fred Miller’s videography lends the film a more polished look than we usually see in these types of flicks…”
Barry Meyer, Film Monthly

Limited Edition Cover

“…a rather unsettling and intriguing piece of indie horror.”
Felix Vasquex, Jr.,

“Great locales, solid acting, and an engaging script all come together to deliver a solid film that adds as much in new material, as it still pays homage to the source material from which it borrows.”
RJ Cavendar,

“I enjoyed Dead in the Water more than I expected to, if only because it has higher production values than many of its direct-to-DVD ilk, and a cast of earnest, good-looking young people that seem to have actually had some acting training.”
JE Smith, Pop Syndicate

“This film is a lot of fun overall and definitely worth checking out. The movie has one of the best opening scenes I have seen in a zombie film in a long time.”
Hudson Hayes, House of

“The cast of Dead in the Water is a cut above the usual fare that can be found in such flicks… the zombies look cool as fuck… you love zombie flicks, this one isn’t too bad.”