The mission was simple: land on New Ithaca and evacuate the colonists. But after their ship is damaged during descent and half the crew disappears, it is now a race against time to find the colonists and their crew, repair the ship, and evacuate the planet before it passes through an anomaly with enough radiation to kill them all.

However, the colonists aren’t eager to leave. Not only did they leave Earth to escape the brewing political war, they also found the ruins of an ancient civilization known as the Illonium on New Ithaca, and that discovery is too alluring to just abandon. Who were these mysterious beings, and why did they suddenly disappear without a trace? But when a new threat seemingly appears out of nowhere, it becomes a fight for survival.

Echoes is a complex tale of love, loss, and betrayal in an alien wilderness where only the strongest will endure.



“The story follows an exciting plot as each new episode leads up to a compelling climax. The reader doesn’t want to put the book down at this point. An exciting read overall, and the reader will be eagerly anticipating book two in the series.” –Readers’ Favorite

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