What Ever Happened to RPM Films?

RPM Films was a production company I co-founded in 2001 with two college buddies. Over the years the I ended up the sole owner when one left Chicago for LA and the other fell out of film making. I continued on several more years producing a feature film, several shorts, a web series as well as some industrial and corporate videos. I got married and had two kids and, over time, I had less and less time or money to devote to film. After a dry spell I ended up taking a job for the CTA in March 2013 shooting and editing their internal and customer videos. When that happened I decided it was time to close RPM Films.

Closing the company I’ve been a part of for twelve years was a hard decision. I co-created it and helped it evolve into a successful company, so deciding to close its doors was not a simple decision. It was the right one though. That chapter of my life had come to a close.

But I needed a way to continue my creative endeavors in some fashion. That’s when I decided to set up a new site to share my past and future works, as well a place for me to talk about my interests. That’s where this blog comes into play. The site is broken down into my fiction projects, my film projects, and a blog for everything else. And, should someone want help designing a site, producing or editing a video, or building a computer there’s a place for that too.

So welcome! I look forward to getting to know you.

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